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Robotic Lawn Mowing - Residential and Commercial

TayloredTurf, LLC now sells and leases robotic lawnmowers. With our robot mowers you'll always have a manicured lawn no matter what the weather does! 

We specialize in Husqvarna Automowers and have teamed up with the experts from Autmow in Columbus, OH.  Call us today (740) 310-5023 for more information!

  • Perfect for rental property where you're not there all the time

  • Low maintenance - no oil changes, only requires a blade change 1-2 times a season which can be done with a Phillips screwdriver 

  • Save on fuel and save on trips to fuel station

  • No more loud lawn mowing! The Robotic Mowers are whisper quiet

  • Have a carpet-like, well manicured lawn EVERY day

  • No more worrying about the weather on the weekends when you need to mow. Let the Robot Mower work all week

  • Pet friendly, Robotic Mowers never complain about pet droppings

  • Locate your Robotic Mower at all times and prevent theft with GPS tracking in each unit

Husqvarna Robot Mower Image_edited.jpg
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